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Muster the courage to let go of the need to be perfect.
Good is good enough.



Dr Tracy Donachie


Completing a PhD examining the relationship between perfectionism, overthinking and emotions in athletes, I draw upon both my research in psychology and 20 years+ of experience in supporting others. From coaching football players to counselling adolescents, I provide solution- and strength-focused psychology to help individuals be the best they can be. 

Competing in football has taken me to various countries. I have lived in England, Iceland, Australia, and the United States where I competed at the highest level.  I received a 4 year scholarship at Division 1 University in Virginia. I felt a lot of self-imposed pressure when playing soccer in the United States and became consumed by the fear of failure. I was able to use psychology and counselling education to help me manage my expectations and self-criticism. I learned ways to manage my anxiety and want to pass these strategies onto others to help them feel good about themselves. I am able to apply my experience of competing at a high level and dealing with the stressful aspects of competitive sport.

I pride myself in helping people to achieve their potential by giving them skills and techniques to use in any performance domain. I aim to help others to improve their general well-being by combining with sport and general psychology experience.  A challenge which people often present with is anxiety and I teach techniques to manage nerves and uncover confidence. 

I am at Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Newcastle University and an Associate Lecturer  at the Open University.  I deliver psychology coaching sessions to individuals across the UK and via zoom. I am Head of Psychosocial Development for York City RTC and Technical Director of the Wildcats, Berwick Rangers Football Club.

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